What we offer

Lightweight Solutions

Branding & Identity Design

Name, Logo, Colors, Shapes, Slogan, Message, Objective, Products, Deeds, Reputation, all these things associated with your company contribute to the uniqueness of your Brand. What does your Corporate Image convey? What is that you intend to give? Are you confident in the value you create? Do you have that special say to say? We will help you harmoniously blend all the above ingredients in one whole to make sure you are adequately heard and seen online.

Custom Web Design

We provide a unique and fully customized front-end development, reflecting every detail of customer needs. This will set you apart from your competitors, most of which are using generic solutions. Regardless of your technical experience, our representative will sit down with you, onsite or online and thoroughly discuss the task in popular language comfortable for you. We will produce a website that will perfectly organize your business and create an outstanding image to keep you ahead of the competition.

Content Development

Nothing is more impressive for your visitor than a well organized and intelligent content. It is crucially important for establishing a trustworthy corporate image and is equally vital for your search engine visibility. Our dedicated content writers will produce a top level, search engine friendly content based on well organized, ongoing requirement gathering from you. Every piece of content we produce is carefully screened for proper style as well as plagiarism.

SEO and Online Marketing

Getting you online is easy, the toughest part is getting people to see you online, and not just people mind you, but right people willing to convert to your customers. There are thousands of SEO companies who promise to get you on the first page of google (wrong promise in its root), but not many can show you a totally unique system of white hat page optimization with proven results. We will show you how we have done it for years and we will do it again for you with a full package of Online Marketing, including Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords Campaign, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Heavyweight Solutions

Web Application Development

Complete business solutions including content, workflow and customer relationship management software that will serve as a major platform for your business. We will create a highly secure business terminal that you and your employees can access from anywhere and at any time. This will let you move your entire business operations online. We design unique, fully customized web solutions based on a detailed business analysis. Web Applications we have created are second to none with both, conceptual and technical sophistication. Our dedicated analyst will thoroughly evaluate your requirements and offer a tailor-made solution fitting your budget.

Mobile Application Development

Every web interface we currently design is either mobile friendly or comes with a custom-made mobile application. Our mobile application division works side by side with the web development team. As a result, both mobile and web interface functionalities, as well as design, are attuned and perfectly integrated from very scratch.

e-Commerce Solutions

We provide fully customized shopping solutions reflecting every little aspect of your and your customers’ specific needs. There is no limit to custom features and capabilities you can request. Moreover, we will provide industry-specific, 24-hour customer service and technical support for your store (see below).

Motion Graphics Production

Since the launch of youtube, video content is increasingly becoming the most demanded on the web. There will be soon no websites without animation and not only websites, with the advancement of wearable computers and augmented reality, even walls and pavements in the street will soon become animated. Arguably no other marketing content can be as viral as well executed Explainer Videos, Infographic Animations and Video Tutorials. We will not only design your video from scratch but also make it an organic part of your whole marketing campaign.

Enterprise Solutions

Personnel Outsourcing & Management

We fully train our customers in managing their online systems, we will teach you how to drive, but best of all, your limo comes with the driver, that means we will provide you with a reliable personnel, fully trained and well versed in your business application. Do you want somebody to answer your phone calls? make appointments? research, enter and maintain data? provide support or customer service for your website? anything else that doesn’t require face to face contact? Be our guest, we will custom hire, train and supervise for you dedicated personnel you can trust for the price you can afford (about 4 times less than what you are normally quoted). We will provide facilities, hardware, software, as well as custom online technology and we will set them up for you with all required tools for successful collaboration.

Dedicated Development Teams

Do you have long-term, ongoing web development needs? Haven’t been able to afford an in-house development team? Well, you are just one step away from getting one. We will create a virtual in-house team for you with such seamless, well organized and secure communication that you will never feel any difference except that huge one in pricing.

Dedicated SEO Teams

You can’t be serious about your organic search rankings without having someone continuously keeping her hand on your website’s pulse. Alas, only those big guys can afford in-house SEO teams, but rest assured, now with inbound (Online Aid) you can afford that too. We will assemble a dedicated Search Engine Marketing team that will cover an entire cycle of your online marketing needs, including organic search, paid search, social media, video and email marketing.

Industry Specific Expert Hiring

o you need a rock star web developer? An accredited biologist? An expert mathematician? A rocket scientist? You name it. We have years of experience in hiring and training affordable yet highly intellectual human resources that you can trust. Just tell us your requirements, we will handle the rest, including all routine, technical and legal aspects, such as vacancy advertisement, initial screening, setting up and hosting online interviews, contract negotiation and legally binding, local nondisclosure agreements that you can enforce.

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